Weed Delivery Business London

Many bricks and mortar dispensaries in London Ontario offer to deliver your cannabis orders right to your doorstep, the same day. I call that store-to-door delivery service! You can order online and get Weed Delivery London in a matter of a few hours for free.

The health protocols during COVID-19 forced temporary changes to retail business operations, and cannabis dispensaries rose to the challenge. Once the access-to-delivery gates opened they didn’t close even after those protocols were lifted. So now, licenced cannabis stores may deliver their specially curated cannabis products throughout London.

Same day weed delivery will never replace the experience of going into a dispensary storefront and having that direct consultation with a budtender. Shopping face-to-face with my budtender offers consultation and service for which there is no substitute.  It is an uplifting and educational experience for me every time. So, while having your weed delivered in London is no replacement for that direct, personal experience, it is an essential service for when we need it. And there are many situations that would require anyone to want their weed delivered. Perhaps just for the convenience, or the quick delivery times, in bad weather, or just feeling like having a lazy, hazy day. But more essentially, lots of us are medicinal users shopping at recreational cannabis dispensaries and are unable to get to a dispensary when necessary, or we are older and not as mobile as we used to be. And more of us are working from home, and just not getting “out” as much. Cannabis delivery is a lifesaver if you are traveling and unfamiliar with the London area. Or, frankly, just if you are intoxicated.

What to expect from your weed delivery service.

The delivery service providers offer cannabis shoppers free, reliable, and convenient delivery of your favourite cannabis strains and products and you can order completely online.

The couriers who deliver your weed must be certified, same as the budtenders, so it’s a professional and niche service. A niche that attracts some pretty cool people. Additionally, they are direct employees of that cannabis store and so are its ambassadors. They can be seen as part of the cannabis store’s brand beyond the bricks and mortar.

Benefits to cannabis dispensaries offering delivery.

The business of weed delivery throughout London and Ontario for that matter can be valuable for the cannabis stores that offer it. We hear about pot shops on every corner and several stores per block, some areas may have gone beyond the store saturation point. And some have adapted to maintain a competitive edge while the market “levels” itself out. Some stores have lower prices, price-match guarantee, and some have loyalty programs, and many offer a senior’s and discount.

But if you think about it, offering weed delivery is a good way to get your brand noticed. And with limited opportunities for retail stores to market their brand under the current regulations, it is a winning opportunity. The cannabis stores that offer to deliver their products can expand their presence, their customer reach beyond just their bricks and mortar base.


There is a proven need for Weed Delivery throughout the London ON area, whether we need it for convenience, cost, discretion, and for the reliable access to our favourite products. This was made glaringly evident when we declared it an essential service during Covid. And so, business strategies shifted, and services expanded, and customers benefit. Budhub.ca recognizes that “Weed delivery is here to stay and integrated into the system for some cannabis retailers.”

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